Monday, February 15, 2010

The "S" word


Dear Riley,

As you know by now, we live in East Texas, and it does not snow here. EVER. I mean, yes, the occasional flurries, maybe some ice, but never much accumulation. I can remember one time when I was about 12 years old when there was enough snow to make a snow ball, a very small snow ball. According to family members, this area received quite a bit of snow in 1981, but neither you or I were around for that snowfall.

But Riley, let me tell you this, on Friday, February 12, 2009 it REALLY snowed! It snowed!
 I took this picture of our street. I have never seen snow like this. My family always took vacations during the summertime so we missed out on wintertime trips. I'll tell you a secret: I still like the beach better than snow! But every once in a while, say every 29 years, snow is pretty awesome. 

We just HAD to take you out into the snow. Had to. 

Let's just say you were not too impressed. It was cold. And wet. And 7:00 a.m.  Sorry sweet girl, I hope one day you appreciate the excitement of SNOW!

This picture was taken right after you did a faceplant in the snow. See that curb behind you? Well, you missed it and your face was the first thing to hit the snow. We could still see the impression your face left in the snow when I picked you up. And, if you know where to look, you can see your face in the snow. Just ask me to show you when you read this. But we didn't laugh, not us. 
As my friend Lauren just said, "Snow confuses young Texans."
In thirty years, I hope you can enjoy a magnificent snowfall with your own family.

I love you!

Love, Momma

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  1. aww.... jaycie thats precious as always! im honored to have the shout out so i dont mind at all! haha :)