Sunday, February 21, 2010

Recycled Cardboard Toddler Chair

So I saw the idea for a toddler chair here.  We wanted to get Riley her own chair for her birthday... and then Christmas... and then when our income tax came in... I don't know why we never bought one. Toddler chairs usually run about $25 or so, but we just never did. So when I saw this idea, I knew I would make my baby a chair! I had all the boxes, some leftover material and a lime green pillow case so I got to work.

I covered all the boxes in fabric with Mod Podge. I let them all dry for several days. Today, I finally got to finish my project when I used my hot glue gun to secure all the boxes together. Here is my finished product!

Yeah, I know you can still see the loves box through the green pillow case, AND A PIECE OF PLAIN WHITE FABRIC! That purple box is serious!

Oh well. Live and Learn. Then get LUVS. 

Riley knew exactly what to do with her chair! Even after just waking up from a nap!

recycled cardboard chair 


  1. Creative is an understatement; perhaps innovative or utilization of existing resources!

  2. If I can give you a suggestion. I would make the back of the chair a lil bit higher and added a lil cushion to be more confortable. But it is a very good idea!