Monday, February 1, 2010

Riley Claire - 10 Month Newsletter

Originally Written - July 17, 2009
Dear Riley,

Well, here we are again: another month down and another newsletter. I hope you enjoy these when you are older. These whole 10 months have flown by. You have already grown into a personaliy that has to be reckoned with. I suppose you get bored with me in the living room - sometimes you wander to other parts of the apartment on your own. Usually to the kitchen.

You have a friend for life in Braxton. Today, you were shaking a toy at him acting like you were playing with him. Then you layed down on top of him and made him cry. Watch it, Riley. One day he will be a big fellow and will pay you back.

Now that you are on your way to adulthood, you can feed yourself with your fat little hands. Hooray! And then I look at the mess on the floor... You are a watermelon girl just like your Momma. You and I can eat our own half of a watermelon. There are no foods you refuse to eat. If I put something on your tray, you do your best to get it to your mouth. You get mad if I don't let you feed yourself.

I also have to tell you about how you and your Daddy play together. Tonight, he cleared his throat, you copied him. You two did this for 15 minutes. If he walks in the room, you completely ignore me and head straight for him. You could care less that I am the one who stayed up late with you, who pumped your milk for 4 1/2 months, who has changed the majority of your diapers, you get the drift.

When I was younger, I would hold a baby and wish they would voluntarily lay their head on my shoulder - I craved that. Thank you Riley for finally giving me that gift. You will crawl up in my lap and lay your head on my shoulder. It doesn't matter if I am holding Braxton, you try to make room for yourself. Sometimes you just want a hug from your Momma. Sometimes I just need a hug from My Riley.

Wow. We have made it so far in less than a year. From the first week you came home, not able to hold your head up by yourself, to this week, telling me "no-no" for taking your new toy (MY CELL PHONE!) away. We are careening towards one year and all I want to do is stop time. Don't grow up, stay my little baby forever!

I love you always.

Love Momma

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