Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sweet Dreams

Dear Riley,

I love the moment when your eyes finally flutter for the last time of the day... You sink into a deep sleep, and thankfully, since you were about 5 months you have been an excellent sleeper. You like, and have always liked, to go to sleep on your own. You have two special blankets you like to sleep with, and your stomach is your favorite position.

This is you in the hospital. I think it was taken just a little while after you were born, but I'm not sure since I was pretty much knocked out. I wish I could have that time back of your first moments, but I guess I can keep wishing. Your Daddy took excellent care of you while I was in-and-out due to pain medicine. You slept so much when we first bought you home. 
This was one of my most favorite outfits. I loved the color blue. Look at your hair! Or, I should say, where is your hair? You look so peaceful sleeping here. It took me a few months to get you all figured out, and I still don't know much. But, we had to get to know you and your personality, when you wanted to eat, when you wanted to sleep, and when you wanted to play. Looking back, most of the time you wanted to sleep but I thought you were just fussy because you wanted me to sing you a lullaby. The books I read didn't tell me everything I needed to know like I thought they did!

I've got that syndrome where I think my kid is the sweetest, best looking, smartest kid in the whole wide world! And look at this picture... is it not the sweetest?
This was one of those days when I still didn't know you needed a nap every couple of hours or so. I never could figure out why you were so fussy. I fed you so much. I bet you had stomach aches. I can't tell you how many times I went to make you a bottle, only to come back and find you snoozing. It wasn't until you were about 9 months old when I started keeping Braxton that I really learned how to take care of a baby. Crunched for time and energy keeping the two of you, I began to check for sleepiness cues before I checked for hunger cues, and boy, did that make a difference. Sorry about all those days when you were sleepy and I shoved a bottle in your face. I still love you madly!

Ahh, the sleep that comes in a moving vehicle. I absolutely love watching you fall asleep through the rear-view mirror.  I promise I watch the road too, but glimpsing you dozing off in your car seat makes me smile. 


Sweet dreams, Riley. 
I love you, 

Love, Momma

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  1. You are the best mom to her and she is going to look back and this and see that too! -Sara