Monday, February 1, 2010

Riley Claire - 7 Month Newsletter

 Originally written - April 23, 2009

Sweet Girl,

The two months before you arrived, I didn't sleep well. The four months after you arrived, I didn't sleep at all. That was a total of six months of sleepless, worry-filled, crazy nights. Most of the time, just you and me on the couch, watching strange things on the television. I finally feel like I am out of a fog and can actually hold an intelligent conversation with an adult. The reason I haven't written you any previous newsletters: I was still at the stage where I thought, "If that baby is sleeping, I HAVE to sleep too." I think I am a better Mommy now. Thank you for making me a Mommy. It's the most fun I have ever had.

You have just figured out how to "move around." I don't say crawl because well, it's nothing like a crawl. It's more like a dolphin flop. You try so hard, and I could spend hours watching you. Now that mobility has commenced, I spent all last weekend Riley-proofing the house. Socket covers in sockets, moved all my nice decorations to the closet, and rubber-banned the cabinets. Not only are you moving around everywhere, you like to get into things. My cellphone for example: You LOVE to chew on it. And you love the thing even better when it vibrates or lights up. The problem you ask? So much slobber has soaked in that I can't hear out of it any more! I have to talk to everyone on speaker phone. The toy cellphone I got for you will not substitute either. You know the difference and will immediately start looking for "the real thing."

You never meet a stranger. You love to smile and be held. You love to splash in the bathtub. You love whipped cream. And cookie cakes. You love your Daddy too.

I love you sweet girl and will always be your Mommy. You make me so proud and I can not wait to see you grow up to be a beautiful woman.

Love you baby!



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