Monday, February 8, 2010

You are a mess!

Dear Riley,

The title says it all: You are a mess! Some days you get so crazy I just have to shake my head and remember that you are, afterall, half-Cajun. ;) Theoretically you aren't, but I will always give you a hard time about that! And your Momma and Daddy had the same last name even before they got married. Some people give me the crazy look, like, "Were you related?" I explain the story to them and wonder if an explanation is even warranted since Smith is the most common last name in the United States.

You are special, no doubt about it. You love to love. You love to give other babies a kiss (or sugar as we call them!), you love to rub their heads and say, "oh, oh, oh!" You like to lay your head on my shoulder (which I love), you LOVE your Daddy, and you love being the center of attention. You break out into a dance anytime you hear music. And girl, can you shake it! Your Daddy is ready to put you in dance RIGHT NOW. I think I can talk him into holding off for another year or two, but he's pretty adamant.

You stayed in the nursery at Church yesterday for the entire service. I actually got to sit with the congregation and pay attention for the first time since you were born. Granted, I was worried about you and thought about you then ENTIRE time, I was so very proud of you. After church when I went to get you, I was told you wouldn't play with anyone and had wanted to be held the whole time. You just don't like being away from your Momma! That makes me smile.

I love you sweet girl and just wanted to write you a short note. I am substituting today and all I can do is think about you and wonder what your Daddy is feeding you for lunch. Maybe I shouldn't think about that part!



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