Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Symphony Stories

Dear Riley,

Today I took you to The Tyler Public Library. The Brookhill School's String Orchestra came to the library to serenade preschool kids. Let's just say you had the best time of your life.

First, we sat down and listened to the musicians warm up. You definitely enjoy music yourself, so you sat very still listening. When the show began you were already bored so you began to get into trouble. You walked up to a little girl and tried to take her doll. Then you walked up to several other kids and would touch them with just your index finger. And then run away. As much as I tried to get you to come sit back down beside me, you would walk off even farther. So I just sat there and kept my eye on you making sure you didn't get too out of hand.

After the orchestra was finished playing it was time for Story Time. A very nice lady sat in the middle of about 50 preschoolers and read a story. You love books. So when she began reading you walked right up to her and listened. For about 5 seconds. Then it was on to dancing and twirling and laughing and anything except listening to the story. We had to make a quick exit when you got too silly and fell right on your face. I thought I could muffle your cries a little so the other kids could listen, but I was WRONG. I shuffled us out the door and I think everyone in the room was glad we were gone.

You had a blast and I had an even better time watching you. I can't wait to go back to the library for another fun activity!

Love you sweet girl,



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